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Pro Bio

Lorraine Adams is the founder of Food Immerse, creating opportunity and community for home cooks who have a passion for food and beverage.  A place to connect and master their skills, with a skill-building philosophy that it’s not about rotely following recipes, it’s about nailing basic techniques and methods that allow clients to become more creative, intuitive, and all-around fabulous cooks.  


Food Immerse offers live online and in-person cooking classes, as well as food tours of San Francisco and the surrounding region. 


Prior to launching Food Immerse, Lorraine was a Food Program Manager at Google, overseeing employee food offerings for 8,000 employees at 9 offices in 3 states.  She managed stakeholder relationships and budgets and provided support for all new build outs, remodels, and openings of new cafes. 


In 2015 Lorraine fulfilled a lifelong dream of attending culinary school, graduating from the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) Greystone.  While there, she worked with the managing chef on planning the CIA Worlds of Flavor Conference “Asia & the Theater of World Menus”, featuring over 60 highly regarded professional chefs from around the world.  Lorraine also assisted Chef Francois De Melogue with a food demo & service at the International Alsace Varietals Festival in Boonville, CA, and competed in the 2015 bASH (Appellation St. Helena) Food & Wine Pairing Competition at CIA Greystone.


What’s unique about Lorraine is that she combines the art and skill of cooking with a deep understanding of the business side of the food industry.  She started her career with Macy’s department stores and after a few years of experience in typical retail executive positions, got a chance to combine her career with her passion as the Director of Leased Food & Restaurants.  In this 17 year role, Lorraine worked with multiple operators in the food industry to plan and open restaurants, cafes, and kiosks in stores across the country.  The partners she worked with ranged from individual chef/restaurateurs like Hubert Keller and Yigit Pura to large multi-unit food brands like Starbucks, Pinkberry, The Cheesecake Factory, and Boudin Sourdough Bakery & Cafe.


Lorraine has also done consulting work for The Bread Project, a non-profit in Berkeley, CA that trains low-income individuals to work in professional kitchens.

Lorraine has now founded Food Immerse, creating amazing food experiences for people who are passionate about cooking!

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