On-Line "Cook with Me" Classes

Our classes are a fun, interactive way to improve your cooking skills and expand on your repertoire of dishes.  We've all been cooking at home a lot more in the past year and Food Immerse classes will teach you some fresh new ideas and skills.  We emphasize cooking methods rather than rotely following recipes, to help you become a more creative and intuitive cook.  Each class has a themed, seasonal menu and we will make each dish together, with an opportunity for you to ask questions as we go. 

Purchase of ingredients is attendees’ responsibility.  At least 1 week prior to class (or upon registering if less than 1 week before class), you will receive a final menu, a complete ingredient and equipment list, and any pre-class prep instructions.  We can work with you in advance to accommodate any food allergies or restrictions.  Classes are held on Zoom.

On-Line "Rapid Recipe" (RR) Classes

Weeknight classes that have you putting a delicious balanced meal on the table in 60-90 min, with no advance knife work required (just shop for the ingredients).  If you are in a weeknight meal rut, this class is for you!!  Classes are held on Zoom.

Custom Classes

Are you looking for something fun and original to do with family or friends, even if you can't physically be together in one place?   Let Food Immerse custom design a private "cook with me" class just for your group!  We also offer private in-person cooking classes in the San Francisco Bay Area.  To find out more, send an email to hello@foodimmerse.com and we'll get started on planning an amazing and fun online event!!

Class Schedule


Tapas Party!
Sat 9/11/21 4-7pm PT


“Spanish September” kicks off with a Tapas Party!  Tapas comes from the word “tapar” (to cover) and originated from little plates with a tidbit of food that were placed on top of a glass of wine in bars.  The original tidbits of food have evolved into an entire class of cuisine with 3 main categories:  cosas de picar (finger foods), pinchos (skewered foods) and cazuelas (cooked in earthenware vessels & requiring eating utensils).  El Tapeo is the popular Spanish custom of “bar hopping” to sample each bar’s tapas specialty.  Our tapas party will include 3 different tapas, plus a classic gazpacho with September’s ripest tomatoes and a sangria to get the party started!

Price is per person; sharing kitchens and ingredients with other registered students is encouraged (if safe for you to gather).


Tortilla Española

Sizzling Shrimp with Garlic

Figs Marinated in Sherry with Aged Goat Cheese

Classic Gazpacho

Red Wine Sangria

$40 per person

Seafood Paella Supper
Sat 9/25/21 4-7pm PT


“Spanish September” concludes with a seafood paella supper.  The famous Spanish dish of paella originated in Valencia, where the classic version includes rabbit, chicken, and snails.  We will make a delicious seafood version.  Paella is actually named for “paellera”, the shallow pan in which it is cooked.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a paella pan - I will give you alternatives to use (the key is large, shallow & flat).  We will mix up another Valencian specialty - “Agua de Valencia”, a refreshing cocktail using Valencia oranges and Spanish cava.  We will also make the “other” cold Spanish soup that you may not have heard of, “Gazpacho Blanco”, a specialty of the Andalusia region using blanched almonds, bread, garlic & olive oil.  I can’t wait to make this Spanish supper with you! 

Price is per person; sharing kitchens and ingredients with other registered students is encouraged (if safe for you to gather).


Gazpacho Blanco

Seafood Paella

Agua de Valencia

$40 per person