On-Line "Cook with Me" Classes

Our classes are a fun, interactive way to improve your cooking skills and expand on your repertoire of dishes.  We've all been cooking at home a lot more in the past year and Food Immerse classes will teach you some fresh new ideas and skills.  We emphasize cooking methods rather than rotely following recipes, to help you become a more creative and intuitive cook.  Each class has a themed, seasonal menu and we will make each dish together, with an opportunity for you to ask questions as we go.  Times posted are actual class time, but every calendar invitation will include an optional extra hour for time to eat together at the table.

Purchase of ingredients is attendees’ responsibility.  At least 1 week prior to class (or upon registering if less than 1 week before class), you will receive a menu, a complete ingredient and equipment list, and any pre-class prep instructions.  We can work with you in advance to accommodate any food allergies or restrictions.  Classes are held on Google Meet.

On-Line "Rapid Recipe" Classes

Weeknight classes that have you putting a delicious balanced meal on the table in 60-90 min, with no advance prep required (just shop for the ingredients).  If you are in a weeknight meal rut, this class is for you!!  Classes are held on Google Meet.

Custom Classes

Are you looking for something fun and original to do with family or friends, even if you can't physically be together in one place?   Let Food Immerse custom design a private "cook with me" class just for your group!  To find out more, send an email to hello@foodimmerse.com and we'll get started on planning an amazing and fun online event!!

Class Schedule

Contemporary Italian Spring Meal

Saturday, April 10, 2021

4-7:00 PM (PT)


Celebrate the arrival of Spring with an Italian twist!  We will use some of the most delicious Spring bounty in our menu:  salmon, chives, asparagus & mint and cook them with an Italian flair.  We will learn to crisp prosciutto, properly make risotto, and while it’s not Spring-specific (really a year-round treat!) we will learn a fast “rustic” way to make tiramisu served up with a spoon rather than neatly sliced.  Join us and make some delicious dishes!


Baked Salmon w/Lemon-Shallot Relish & Crispy Prosciutto

Asparagus Risotto with Lemon & Mint

Quick & Casual Tiramisu

$40 per person

Classic Dishes of Vietnam

Saturday, April 24, 2021

4-7:00 PM (PT)


Vietnamese cuisine is noted for its deft balance of salt, sweet, sour, pungent, bitter & spicy and a liberal use of fresh herbs such as mint, cilantro, Thai basil, & rau ram.  Vietnam has a rich history of outside cultural influences on their cuisine: Chinese (noodles, stir-frying, soy sauce), Cambodian (Indian curries), Thai (shrimp paste, lemongrass & chiles), and French (baguette, milk, butter & coffee). The Vietnamese have incorporated these influences into a truly unique and delicious cuisine.


Rice Paper Wrapped Salad Rolls (Goi Cuan)

Vietnamese Sandwich w/5-Spice Chicken (Banh Mi)

Sizzling Rice Crepes w/Dipping Sauce (Nuoc Chum)

$40 per person