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The classes are fun,

social, & lively

Lorraine provides a unique cooking class experience where both less experienced and seasoned cooks can learn and enjoy new cooking techniques. The methods taught provide room for a variety of changes and flavors that go beyond a basic recipe.  The classes are fun both solo and with a partner, and the participation from everyone in the class makes it social and lively.

Katrina Dodson

San Diego, CA

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A delicious meal I can't believe I cooked

Taking this class was an incredible experience which taught me new techniques, some fun history facts, and walked me through a delicious meal I can't believe I cooked! Lorraine is highly organized and communicative with the meal prep and planning, allowing for a streamlined and easy flow through the class. I highly recommend :)

Anabela De Sousa

South San Francisco, CA


The more I cook with Lorraine the better cook I become

Food Immerse moves me out of my comfort zone. I had never poached salmon before and must admit, I was a little skeptical because I love my salmon grilled.  I have always been intimidated by poaching so to have someone guide me through the process successfully was liberating.  Most importantly the Poached Salmon was absolutely incredible. I have taken several classes now with Food Immerse and the more I cook with Lorraine the better cook I become and the more I gain an appreciation for the little things that make a big difference.  I greatly appreciate the extraordinary amount of time and detail that is clearly put into each class.  I am looking forward to the next class and the next adventure in food.

Shawn McFarlane

San Diego, CA


The very first time I ever cooked a turkey; it turned out AMAZING!

The very first time I ever cooked a turkey it turned out AMAZING!  Now that never happens….but it did. The techniques shared are clearly not used by most people because the food was on a completely different level.  The prep techniques such as brining and adding fresh herbs and butter under the skin set it apart in flavor and moistness from any turkey I have ever eaten.  I love gravy and so learning how to make awesome pan dripping gravy was my personal highlight.  I was impressed by the way everything came together and loved the fact that Lorraine thoughtfully added a complimentary cocktail to the menu.  I look forward to the next class and learning new techniques.

Daxton McFarlane-Holl

San Diego, CA

Nancy Photo.HEIC

The skills learned allow for future variations of the same recipes

I’ve taken four classes now with Lorraine and each one has been fun and totally unique from the others. I’ve learned different techniques in every class and what I love about the classes is that the skills learned allow for future variations of the same recipes. It’s so great to have a fun social activity to look forward to during these trying times. It’s also a healthy bonding time for my family as they too look forward to the delicious new meal that we can experience together!

Nancy Kenoyer

Benicia, CA


I now have more confidence and desire to spread my wings

I took Lorraine’s Zero-Cook Summer Dishes class and had such a fun time learning different ways of prepping and preparing these easy dishes. Stepping outside of my little box and trying different things has always been a bit intimidating for me, but after taking Lorraine’s class I now have more confidence and desire to spread my wings.  Lorraine is also so good at showing how to beautifully plate the dishes; it was delightful for my husband and I to sit down and enjoy the whole experience, sight, smell and taste.

Marilyn Fields
Redwood City, CA

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